You Can Get Your Dog to Enjoy Grooming

Visiting the groomer isn’t always a fun experience for your dog. A lot of dogs tend to be very uncooperative when it comes to grooming, and some of them can even get violent. You may be concerned about the safety of the dog and the groomer, since the dog may be out of control while the groomer is using clippers and scissors.

If your dog is aggressive toward the groomer, it’s probably the sign of a larger problem. Your dog may not like strangers or may not enjoy being touched in specific ways. What you can do to deal with this issue is to desensitise your dog. You can help your dog learn to socialise with people they do not know and work with your dog on feeling better about being cleaned and brushed.

You can start this process early in your dog’s life, when it is just a puppy. If you cuddle with your puppy, give it frequent grooming and massages, then you’ll teach your dog to be more open to having a stranger groom it.

You can massage your dog’s feet each day, working between the nails and toe pads. Brushing their coats and massaging their ears is also a great way to build up a love of grooming. You should be rewarding them for their good behaviour too, praising their efforts and giving them treats. Make sure that you keep a relaxed environment at home for your dog, especially when grooming. You can also extend the grooming period from few minutes a day to longer sessions. That way, your dog will be more likely to be okay with a lengthy grooming session with a professional.

You also want to have other people show your dog similar affection. When you walk your dog or you are out and about with the dog, encourage other people to be affectionate toward it. This will enable your dog to socialise better.

One helpful thing you may want to try is to desensitise your dog to louder noises. The dog could get scared of the blow dryer the groomer uses, and you can desensitise your dog to this kind of noise by playing led music or cutting the grass when your dog is nearby.

Massaging and grooming your dog from an early age will help your dog enjoy the grooming experience more. Once you do that, then when you book your dog a grooming session, there should not be any serious problems. Your dog will learn to love grooming sessions, because really, who wouldn’t love that kind of pampering?