Our Top Dog Grooming Tips

Here are our best methods of getting your dog smelling and looking its best.

Get Your Pup to Enjoy Grooming

So, you bring your new puppy home with you and fill up on all the pet supplies you’ll need. Now that you’ve done that, you need to consider how you will train the dog, what kind of boundaries you want to set for it and how you will go about grooming your pet.

Grooming is important for dogs that live in warm climates, and you need to work with your dog while it is young to ensure it is comfortable with grooming. You can work some grooming into your daily cuddle time with your dog. Just spend a little time massaging its feet and brushing its hair. You can massage the ears and make certain that you praise your dogs for its good behaviour. It’s okay to give them a treat as well when they behave. Be sure to keep them relaxed and calm while you give your puppy a massage and groom its fur. You can start with very short grooming sessions- about five minutes each day. Work your way up to longer sessions to prepare them for a visit with the grooming specialist.

You should also try to desensitise your dog to loud noises since they could become frightened by the loud noise of the dryer the groomer uses. You can run the vacuum near your dog or play loud music close by to enable to them to adjust to louder sounds. If you make grooming fun for your dog, then you should not have any problems when you take them to the professional groomer.

Many times, we will see dogs come to us practically shaking or very aggressive because they are afraid of being groomed or afraid of strangers. Of course, this makes it tough to groom the dogs properly. If they are moving around a lot or hostile toward us, then they won’t be likely to hold still. If you ensure that your dog is okay with being groomed, then they can enjoy the grooming session properly. They will realise there is nothing to be afraid of and actually like having their fur brushed, nails clipped and body bathed.

Hydrobaths Are Great for Your Dog

No matter what breed of dog you have, regular bathing is a necessity. Some types of dogs require more frequent bathing than others. Hydrobaths are powerful enough to get through even thick coats, and yet they are gentle enough to massage your doggy’s skin. We offer hydrobaths that treat your dog to the most thorough and enjoyable cleaning possible. We attach a hose to your household tap and use it to fill a holding tank. That water is pumped to a little tank that warms the water to the appropriate temperature. The hydrobath shower hose then releases the warmed water, and pH-balanced shampoo is added to clean your dog completely. The soapy water is passed through the hose and sprayed over your dog, getting it remarkably clean.

If you use a normal hose on your dog’s fur, it will only get the outside of the coat clean. It won’t penetrate to the skin. That’s why our hydrobath uses a high-pressure water system that cleans intensely without began harsh on your dog. This kind of penetrating cleaning is necessary for dogs with long or double coats, such as golden retrievers, shelties and border collies.

Groom Regularly

If you want your dog to be healthy, then you need to groom it regularly. Your dog’s hair will matt as the dog scratches, rolls around and wears a collar. You will find hair matting between your dog’s legs, under its arms and in the neck area. If you see any knots, then you should brush them out and prevent matting. The sooner you brush them out, the better. You should brush vertically using a comb to separate the knots. If a matt becomes severe, then you will need to cut it out of the fur. If you leave it there, it can be painful for your dog. The matting can pull the skin and cause bruising and irritation.

You’ll have to work constantly to free your dog from mats through grooming. If their dead hair is left in place, that can cause matting, and regular brushing will get rid of that. If you leave your dog’s coat long in the cool months, then grooming is even more important. We often see dogs in the summer that are covered with mats. They have not been groomed properly, and that problem can be avoided if you just care for your dog with some regular grooming. If you don’t have the time to brush your dog’s hair on a regular basis, then you should consider keeping their hair short all year long.