How to Keep Your Dog’s Coat Looking Great between Grooming Sessions

We have compiled some tips on what to do you keep your dog’s coat looking its best in the space between grooming sessions.

Brush- You should be brushing your dog often to space out the grooming sessions even further and keep the coat in top shape. You only need to spend a few minutes every day brushing your dog, but make sure you focus on the parts of the coat that have knots, such as the tummy, between the legs and behind the ears.

Wash- You can ensure your dong’s coat stays clean with a bath every so often. The kind of breed you have and the activities it engages in will determine how often a bath is necessary, but most dogs need a bath every two to four weeks. If you have a poodle or a Maltese, then you’ll need to wash more often, and a conditioning shampoo is great for keeping their coat shiny send smooth. Boxers and staffys won’t need to be washed as often, but if yours is very active, then frequent baths may be necessary.

Powder- You can freshen up your dog every so often with a dose of talcum powder. Just use this on long-haired dogs like shitzus, bischons and shelties, and sprinkle the powder on the coat. Afterwards, you can brush it out. Your dog will not only feel amazing but will smell amazing too.

Trim Paw Hair- Hair under the paws should be kept as short as possible. Your dog will be able to grip better and won’t skid as often.

Clip Nails- It’s only necessary to clip your dog’s nails once every few months. You can walk your dog on bitumen regularly for natural filing.

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